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AAU Registration

By Admin, 08/25/19, 2:30PM EDT


AAU Registration


As per our discussion at the NYIHSHL League Meeting in August each “Club” must register and obtain their own Club Code. Once you have received your club code please forward that code to Gerry Nizich at   

Now have your players, coaches, and general managers register with A.A.U. under your club code.

If you have any questions, contact Gerry.


Step 1. Club Registration

  1. Got to and click on “Membership Overview”.  Scroll down to “Club Membership Level 2” and click “Apply”
  2. Click on Create account and create a username and password.
  3. Check the 7 boxes on the Pre-Application page and click “accept and continue”
  4. Check the box on the AAU Trademark Agreement page and click “Next”.
  5. Complete the Club Information page.  When you click on the “Clubs Primary Sport “tab you will select Hockey-Ice.  When you select that you will get a pop up:

* AAU Adult Ice Hockey is only for recreational leagues and Events. No Checking Allowed.     YOU MUST CHECK THIS BOX IN ORDER TO PROCEED

  1. Under the Club Member Term section click on the $60 option.  After completing the club information scroll down the page and click on the “Primary Contact” button and complete that information.  Please note that you need an active AAU membership number to complete this section.
  2. That will take you to the payment page
  3. After completing the application and submitting it you receive an email with your club number.  This number must be forwarded to the league so we can include it on our submission to AAU.

Step 2. Player Registration
Step 1) New Members create an AAU account or Returning Members log into your existing AAU account
Step 2) Sign up for your membership - during the registration process you will be prompted with the following questions:
1. Youth Athlete - apply for the Extended Benefit Memberships
2. Non-Athlete – Coaches, GM, Officials, etc. (adult only) – apply for the Extended Benefit Memberships 

Please Note: Background screening a new benefit of membership for all Adult and Non-Athlete Members will be performed.  (Adult and Non-Athlete Membership are not instant once your membership application has been processed, you will receive an email with your membership details)

Program: Youth Program
Sport: Hockey (inline & Ice)
Coverage: Extended
Are You a member of a Club: Yes
Select Club: “Your” Club Name from Step 1
Club Code:   “Your” Club Code from Step 1

Step 3. Prior Year Multi Registration
If you applied for multiyear coverage last season you can transfer that membership to your new club code.

  1. Go to the A.A.U. website and click on Membership dropdown
  2. Next Select Lookup/Edit/Reprint and enter the player/coach/GM required information. 
  3. When their membership pops up edit the club code and select "save changes"